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Terms & Conditions


In order for your booking to be confirmed, the following must be received, unless otherwise stated by the management team:

  • $30 per person authorisation
  • $500 deposit for corporates

Once the above is received, a formal confirmation will be issued at which time you may consider your event booked and confirmed.



1st Deposit – $500 at the time of booking

On the Day – All outstanding amounts are payable at the conclusion of your event. Should the client wish to make payment post-event, they must organise this prior to the event.



All pre-event payments may be made in the form of Credit Card (please note a 1% surcharge applies to Mastercard and Visa while a 1.5% surcharge applies to American Express) or Direct Deposit. All on the day event payments may be made in the form of Credit Card (please note a 1% surcharge applies to Mastercard and Visa while a 1.5% surcharge applies to American Express) or cash.



It is requested that all dietary requirements be made known to management team as part of your final details. Management will endeavour to accommodate any dietary requirements they are made aware of, to the best of their abilities.



You are welcome to provide decorations to make your event special, however, no confetti, flower petals, scatters or balloons with confetti inside are permitted. You are required to send through your decoration & styling details prior to the event for approval.



During the process of setting up your event, it is at the discretion of management team to alter your set up if they feel that it hinders service or is considered a fire or occupational health and safety hazard. The management team will endeavour to prevent such occurrences from taking place, however, this is dependent on the client submitting details of their set up, styling and decorations.



All smoking must take place off-site and away from the main entrance to the venue.



Any damage to the venue and/or its property during your event will be charged to the client.



In the event that venue is unable to proceed with your event due to circumstances outside of their control, the management team will endeavour to relocate your event to one of The Darlin Group’s alternate venues. Where this cannot take place due to availability or venue not suitable, a refund of all payments made, less a processing fee of 1.6%, will be made.



Where the client cancels the event with more than 3 days notice, all payments made will be refunded, less a 1.6% processing fee. Where the client cancels the event with less than 3 days notice the minimum spend requirement or projected cost, whichever is of the higher value, will be payable.



Any decrease in numbers within 3 business days of your event is subject to a charge of 100% of the per head food cost, unless otherwise stated by your Event Manager.



Any increase in numbers within 7 business days of your event, including on the day of the event, will be catered for to the best of the venue’s ability and charged accordingly.



Corporate bookings are for companies/offices only as per NSW guidelines. We reserve the right to stop serving anybody not following our conditions of entry. If COVID restrictions are broken during the booking, we reserve the right to cancel the event and no refund will be offered. In the event of changes to the COVID regulations, you will be entitled to a full refund and/or date change.